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What data I should have before I call Solluz’s support team?

  • Your available shade free roof space
  • Your connected load

Does Solluz do the actual installation?

Yes. We design and integrate the various aspects of the complete plant.

What is a Private Power Purchase Agreement?

Solluz invests on your behalf and installs the plant at your premises. You pay the charges only for the energy consumed at your site at a price much lower than the grid price.

Which is better, roof mount or ground mount solar installation?

It is not about being better. If you have space for ground mounted, then go for ground mounted since it is a tad cheaper. Generally, there’s not a lot of ground space available, and whatever there is available people want to keep it for further expansions. Therefore, roof mounted is preferred in the market.

What kind of incentives and rebates are available to me?

Accelerated Depreciation- You claim 33% of your investment in the solar plant by way of IT benefits. Similar to any tax saving bonds etc.

Capital Subsidy- Subsidy from 15% to 80% available from Centre and state governments. It varies from state to state.

Net Metering- By this mechanism, whatever excess or unused solar energy you have, gets injected into the grid and you get billed only for net of units consumed.

How much rooftop space is needed for solar installation?

1 KWP typically needs 100-110 sq.ft of shadow free space. However, with more efficient cells reduce your space requirement but also increase your budget.

What is the life expectancy for my solar system?

The Modules come with 25 linear performance warranties. That means, in any given year if the module efficiencies dip beyond the guaranteed eff., we replace the modules.

How much or how frequent is the maintenance requirements for the system installed?

The plants require ZERO mantainence. The purpose is to keep the modules clean. It is advisable to clean the modules with water every fortnightly.

Does installation has any side-effect on my roof, reducing the lifespan or making it less water-proof?

No. It rather reduces the heat in the house.

Is there financing option available?

Yes. Soft loans are available. Solluz also acts as liaison for financing the projects. Further, as per notification from Finance Ministry and Ministry of New and Renewable Energy the funding for residential plants is covered under Home loan scheme.

Can I get the installation done on my own for the system bought from Solluz?

You can. But you have to assure yourself regarding the capabilities of the installer. A good solar plant is 50% product and 50% engineering / designing.

Do I get power backup during black-out or cloudy weather?

Yes, but with lower efficiencies.

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