Power Purchase Agreement



Solluz has the capacity to deliver economically evaluated solar power to any sized private clients under the terms of a PRIVATE POWER PURCHASE AGREEMENT (PPA). This agreement normally takes the characteristics of a binding agreement directed towards the purchase of power generated from a solar power plant over a long period of time (may be 20-25 years).

How Customers Are Benefited?
  • Firstly, customers don’t have to invest any money on the project, as whole of the project is owned and financed by Solluz. Hence, there is no compelling reason to legitimize capital expenditure.
  • Secondly, the cost of power is fixed for the tenure, consequently it will become highly cost-effective as electricity generated via fossil fuels will become increasingly expensive.
  • Lastly, the client has the capacity to appreciate the marketing advantages of their efficient, cost effective green energy and thus will lend his helping hand towards corporate and socialresponsibility objectives.
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If you'd like more itemized data on our Private PPA, our Power Purchase Team is available to talk or to meet in person.


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