Renewable Energy Certificates

A Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) is a business instrument that confirmson behalf of owner that his company has generated a specific amount of power from a Renewable Energyresource. In fact, a Renewable Energy Certificate indicates the natural/environmental trait of the renewable energy.

It is possible to trade RECs in the marketin order to meet RPO (Renewable Purchase Obligation) which is mandated by SERCs (State Electricity Regulatory Commission) alongwith other Acts guided by Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (Terms for Issuance and Recognition of Renewable Energy Certificate for Renewable Energy Generation) Regulations, 2010.

As far as physical power trading platform is concerned, Solluz has its own in-house REC trading platform that make use of the company’s excellent product development skills, transparency and clear understanding of markets.

Join hands with Solluz and recover over 60% of plant cost from this service alone.

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