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The point when you have decided upon making use of solar PV technologies for your home, office, farm or remote cabin, it is important to fully understand the three types of systems available for use. On-Grid (Grid tied), Off Grid (with battery backup) and Micro grid are the three types of systems that can cater to your needs. Your energy and environmental objectives will help you figure out which of these systems will work best for your requirements. Solluz can help you evaluate your choices and give cost estimates for each of the above mentioned system.

ON GRID SYSTEM (also known as Grid tied, Grid Direct, Utility-Interactive or Grid-Intertied system)

Most common type of solar PV system, On Grid System are the ones connected to the electrical grid. This model allows the consumers to use both solar energy and electricity from the grid. There is no need for the system to produce 100% energy demand for its consumer, when there is no demand the system send excess energy back to the grid. The record of energy generation and consumption is done via net metering agreement. This type of system don't give protection against power outages. With the failure of the electrical grid, the operation of the on grid system becomes discontinued.

Components of On Grid System
  • PV Panels(multiple panels)
  • Inverter(s)
  • Electrical Safety Gears (breakers, disconnects and fuses)
  • Monitoring System

OFF GRID SYSTEM (also known as Battery Backup system)

A solar PV system installed independently without needing it to be connected to the electrical grid is known as Off Grid System. This type of system has the capacity to meet 100% energy requirements of its consumers. Most homes need more electricity during evenings or at night, thus to meet this demand off grid system may have a battery, a backup source or both to store the electricity when there is no demand. Most common in remote locations, this type of system works independently from the local utility grid and serve the electricity to a building, home, RV or boat.

Components of Off Grid System
  • PV Panels
  • Battery
  • Charge Controller
  • Inverter
  • Electrical Safety Gears
  • Monitoring System


Micro-grid Solar Systems are site specific, custom designed systems that make use of PV system and other hybrid sources like wind turbines, diesel gen-sets and batteries (Li-ion and lead acid battery storage system). Commonly used for remote locations like - telecommunication sites, military outposts, security outpost, island power, villages, remote industrial systems, oil & gas pipeline, environmental remediation, homeland security, PCS base station, remote medical clinics, disaster preparednessand much more.

Financial benefits -
  • Reduction in energy cost to Rs. 1.3 / unit.
  • Accelerated depreciation benefit aggregating upto 30% of the plant cost in IT exemptions.
  • REC earning over 50% of the plant cost during lifetime.
  • Return on investment of over 28% p.a
  • Zero maintenance cost because of 25 years performance warranties.
  • On EMI’s the margin money that one would give is reimbursed by way of IT benefits. Further till the EMI lasts, the plant saves you more on the energy cost than you pay in the EMI. After the EMI’s finished you have free energy with zero out of pocket investment.
Environmental benefits:
  • Savings in carbon emissions.
  • Sustainable energy source that will never going to run out.
  • Your contribution towards the environment

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