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Solluz Energy will assist your business in achieving sustainability goals and will install a monitoring system in house, to show real time system performance. SAVE ENERGY AND MONEY. ACHIEVE YOUR SUSTAINABILITY GOALS.

Solluz Energy has in the past shown exceptional technical skills in executing some India’s best Solar Carports. Thanks to Solluz Energy’s long-lasting history, both in renewables and in offshore structures, we have a holistic skillset and comprehensive experience to address the challenges of this exciting and promising solar application.

Solluz Energy possess the required experience in completing tricky Hybrid projects to fulfil highly volatility Industrial loads. Solluz Energy has completed over 5 Micro Grid projects in the country.

Types of Solar Installations

a.) Rooftop Solar (Metal Shed / RCC Rooftop)

Most businesses in India are aware that solar energy is a way to reduce overall energy costs. Even if a business is only relying on solar energy during daylight periods, it will have a profound impact to their energy usage.

Given energy is a big chunk of overall production costs, having solar panels set up to feed energy into their setup can have a remarkable impact on their annual expenses. The culture in India is shifting regarding environmentalism and green energy.

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b.) Ground Mount

Ground-mounted solar panels can potentially capture more solar energy than solar panels on your roof, depending on where they get mounted and how they get mounted. Depending upon how much space is available at your site, you can have more ground-mounted solar panels than you could on your roof. Or, you could install ground-mounted solar panels in addition to your rooftop panels.

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c.) Carport Solar

Arranging space for Solar Installation can be a costly venture. If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint and simultaneously utilise space efficiently, a carport can be an affordable yet effective option. Solar carports work by harnessing power from the sun and turning it into energy for your home/commercial enterprise. The roof of the carport is made out of solar panels, which generate electricity.

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d.) Floating Solar

Floating solar has huge potential in areas where difficult terrain, land scarcity and competition for land may pose challenges to the development of ground-mounted solar systems.

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e.) Hybrid Solar

Hybrid system is a combination of solar energy storage with grid connection. This system provide the flexibility of being able to store the power into batteries that your solar system generated during the day time instead of feeding it back into electricity grid. If system is producing more power than is being consumed and your batteries are fully charged, the surplus will be fed to the main electrical grid via solar net metering / net billing.

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f.) Off Grid / Micro Grids

A microgrid, is physically isolated from the utility grid and operate in island mode at all times due to the lack of available and affordable transmission or distribution (T&D) infrastructure nearby. For these remote scenarios, renewables, primarily solar + storage, typically provide a more economic and environmentally sustainable solution for the microgrid operator. A smaller version limited to power small loads in island mode is considered an Off Grid solution.

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g.) Energy Storage

Even the most ardent solar evangelists can agree on one limitation solar panels have: they only produce electricity when the sun is shining. But, peak energy use tends to come in the evenings, coinciding with decreased solar generation and causing a supply and demand mismatch. The thing is, solar panels often pump out more than enough energy during those lower demand hours when the sun is shining to meet peak demand later in the day. This opens up a wealth of opportunity for homeowners and businesses alike by installing Solar + Storage.

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SOLLUZ can fully undertake:

  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction of roof top solar plants
  • PV power plant design and development
  • Consulting and project development of solar projects
  • On-grid / Off-grid solar power plants for domestic, commercial and industrial applications
  • Operation and Maintenance (O&M) services on all types of solar plants (industrial, roof top, ground mounted).

Why Solar Energy?

Installing solar panels on your home is the beginning of decades of cost savings and energy efficiency. Solar panels collect sunlight and automatically convert it into electricity that is transferred through the system’s inverter for household use. The energy collected by solar panels powers your home and any excess energy is automatically sent to the grid for use by other homes and buildings.

While shared energy is an interesting concept, the real spark from solar energy is the savings you ultimately feel in your wallet. Installing solar panels gives you the power to reduce or even eliminate your electricity bills—and since sunshine is always free, you can even protect yourself from the rising rates of the power companies.

Benefits of Solar Installation

  • Maximize The Energy Production of Your Available Roof (or Land) Space
  • Get Your Energy Bills Reduced By 60 To 90%
  • Receive A Professional Plan Set To Aid You With Permitting And The Installation
  • Improve your R.O.I. By Significantly Reducing Your Initial Investment
  • Be Code Compliant and Get Your Building Permit Approved Without A Hassle
  • Receive Parts Sourced from India Based Manufacturers
  • That Offer Comprehensive Warranties